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We’re a creative web design agency in London and Surrey. We have an established track record of delivering successful projects, from custom websites to brand development with digital marketing strategy as well! Most importantly for our clients though is that we understand what it takes not only create amazing content but also maintain consistency across all channels so you can focus on running your business instead.

our process

We use a process that starts with our web designers creating wireframes of the new website structure. They will gradually increase fidelity in order to create an effective final design, which is then handed off for coding by developers who specialize on this type work.” The client is then handed over to our team so that we can finish off the website and make sure it’s up-to-date with all of their requirements. This includes resolving any bugs found during QA testing, as well as building mobile versions for tablets or smartphones if necessary! Once everything has been checked by developers themselves (and passed appraisal), they’ll deliver a finalized project ready for launch in celebration of your brand new website coming into being… This passage about how websites are built starts out simple enough: designers create designs based on specifications given by clients; programmers write code that goes online when loaded onto webpages constructed according.

What types of websites do we build?

We build websites that are tailored to your individual needs. Our team will work with you every step of the process, from consultation through launch and maintenance hassles – so no worries about switching platform or CMS! We can help make it easy by recommending one platform for all clients: WordPress because its popular ecosystem offers great flexibility in plugins/themes ( WooCommerce , Magento etc ) . It’s also easy enough if not quite sophisticated yet; but there’s always room for improvement.

What makes a successful web project?

The key to success for a website is not just good design and strong coding, it’s about making sure that you’re delivering the right content at every step of your customer journey. From securing search engine rankings with SEO strategies built into each page load or outreach campaign—to ensuring high quality on-page copy which incentivizes visitors into buying products–a successful business will always have an online presence as well! We start by mapping out user journeys and creating prototypes that are built around conversion design best practices. This ensures a successful website with consistent branding, as well an interactive experience for users on your site or app who navigate through it!

What exactly does a website agency do?

There are many different types of professional services offered by design companies. Some focus primarily on designing and building websites, while others only provide technical aspects for digital service providers or offer a mix between creative work with an emphasis in one area such as web development firms that specialize solely on this field without any overlap into other areas like marketing strategies which could be done through full-service agencies if needed instead because they will have more specific expertise than studios who try multiple tasks at once but lack consistently strong points across all disciplines necessary.

Who uses a web design agency?

Web design is a service that can be utilized by any company, regardless of industry. For example, retail firms could find value in hiring our team for their online presence while financial services organizations might benefit from having an agency providing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to boost rankings on SERPs—the more searches conducted per day means higher revenue! And if you’re looking into vacation planning this year– Plug & Play has got just what your travel needs entail: custom-built websites at competitive rates coupled with excellent customer support.

Web Design Surrey

Website design is an exciting process that enables our clients to innovate online. Clients add their content, and we review the website for any outstanding bugs before it goes live with SEO optimization based on recommendations from digital strategy company’s post-launch work completed by marketing team members who assist them in moving towards a retainer service if they prefer long term support after launch day ends or just want access every month instead of constantly refreshing pages themselves due dates all over again!

Have you won any awards?

We are well known within our industry, including at The Drum Design Awards. We’ve won numerous prizes like Webbys and Wirehives to name just two!

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