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ProntX (the “Company”) has created this privacy policy for (“Site”) in order to demonstrate its firm commitment to privacy. The Company heartedly respects privacy of the respectable visitors. This Privacy Policy Statement describes the way to collect information. The following reveals our information gathering and dissemination practices.

  1. Collection of Visitor Information:

ProntX may collect information such as the home server domain names, email addresses, files downloaded, search engine used, operating system, and type of web browser of visitors to the Company web service. The Company may also gather your personal information at any stage.

  • Use of Collected Personal Data:

Personal data collected by ProntX may be used by the Company for feedback and marketing & promotional purposes. We may use your data for management of our business and to perform research and analysis about your use of, or interest in, our products, services, or content, or products, services or content offered by others. To communicate with you by the voluntarily provided information by you i.e. e-mail, telephone or mobile devices. This voluntarily provided information may be added to ProntX databases.

We gave surety to keep the customers contact information strictly confidential and use it only to send important information to our customers.

  • Security Measures:

ProntX has implemented numerous security measures in place to help protect against the unauthorized release, misuse or access to personal information. All ProntX employees are required to certify their understanding that personal information is considered confidential. And it is important to safeguard personal information. ProntX will also take appropriate and severe action against any employee who fails to acknowledge these facts or adhere to the requisite standards of conduct. It is also advised, that ProntX is not responsible for the security of information transmitted through the Internet i.e. electronic service mail.

  • ProntX Right to Contact Users:

ProntX have the right to contact its visitors through its web services.

  • Update to its Privacy Policy:

ProntX reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. For your convenience, the Company will update the date and time of the revised privacy policy. You are deemed to agree with the changing policy.

  • Contacting ProntX Company:

If you have any queries regarding to our privacy policy you may freely contact with us.

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Cookies Policy:

  1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small data files which often includes a unique identifier which is sent on via website and stored on your computer, mobile phone or tablet device’s hard drive. Every websites can send

its own cookie, if your browser’s preference allow it. And cookies can collect information about your use of the websites.

  • Types of Cookies:

On ProntX’s website uses different types of cookies:

  • Advertising cookies are used to evaluate the efficiency of advertising and our services.
  • Statistical & Analysis Cookies are used to understand that how the visitors interact with the websites.
  • First Party Cookies are set by ProntX Company.
  • Permanent Cookies a data file used to provide the websites with the preferences, settings and information for the future visits of the user.
  • Why does ProntX use Cookies?

ProntX (“we”) use cookies to optimize your user experience. First Party Cookies are those cookies in which number cookies are placed in your browser because to enable to hold session information as you navigate from page to page within the website. We use statistics and analyse cookies to compile statistics on the number of visitors to our web pages. We also use advertising cookies to evaluate the efficiency of advertising and our services.

You can control to allow or block the use of the cookies at your browser, you may still visit our website but some of the features of our website may be limited.

  • Cookies Subject to Change

The subject of the Policy is only for your general information and can be changed without any notice. You acknowledge that this information may contain erroneousness and is subject to change and we specifically exclude charge for any such inaccuracies to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Terms of Use:

Thank you for using ProntX!

We warmly welcome your visit on

Effective as of November 1, 2018, ProntX, (“Company” or “we” or “us” or “our”) updated terms that apply to the browse of our Website. For the purposes of these terms of use “Website” shall collectively referred as

We give the Websites to you subject to these Terms of Use (“Terms”), which might be refreshed by us now and again according to Section 1 thus. By getting to and utilizing the Websites, you acknowledge and consent to be bound by these Terms, ProntX’s Privacy Policy found here and ProntX’s Cookie Policy found here. In the event that you don’t consent to these Terms, you ought not access or utilize the Websites. Furthermore, when getting to the Websites you will be dependent upon any posted rules or rules relevant to the Websites, which might be posted and altered every now and then. Every such rule or rules are thus fused by reference into these Terms.

These Terms don’t matter to your entrance to and utilization of the items and administrations which we showcase for membership on our Websites (our “Administrations”). The practices and strategies, including how we secure, gather, and utilize electronic information, content, messages, correspondences or different materials submitted to and put away inside the Services by You (“Service Data”) are point by point in and represented by our Master Subscription Agreement, accessible here, or such other relevant understanding among you and any individual from the ProntX Group identifying with your entrance to and utilization of such Services (“Service Agreement”).

  1. Changes to Terms. These Terms, or any part thereof, might be adjusted by us, including the expansion or evacuation of terms whenever, and such changes, increments or erasures will be taking effect right now after posting. Your utilisation of the Websites after such presenting will be esteemed on comprise acknowledgement by you of such alterations, augmentations or cancellations.
  • Changes to Websites. We may change or cease any angle, administration or highlight of the Websites whenever, including, yet not constrained to, substance, accessibility, and hardware required for access or use.
  • Registration. You might be allowed the chance to enlist by means of an online enrolment structure or by taking part in Interactive Areas (as characterized beneath, for example, gatherings and other network highlights, to make a client account (“Your Account”) that may enable you to get data from us and additionally to partake in specific highlights on the Websites. We will utilize the data you furnish as per the Privacy Policy. By enrolling you speak to and warrant that all data that you give is current, finished and precise as far as you could possibly know. You consent to keep up and instantly update your data on the Websites so it stays current, complete and precise. You are liable for getting and keeping up all network, PC programming, equipment and other hardware required for access to and utilization of the Websites and all charges identified with the equivalent.
  • User content Guidelines. The following terms apply to content submitted by you:
    • The Websites may contain remarks segments, dialog discussions, or other intuitive highlights (“Interactive Areas”) in which you may post or transfer client created content, remarks, video, photographs, messages, different materials or things (on the whole, “Client Content”). You are exclusively liable for your utilization of any Interactive Areas and you use them at your own hazard. Intelligent Areas are accessible for people matured 13 years or more seasoned. By submitting User content to an Interactive Area, you speak to that you are 13 years old or more established and, on the off chance that you are younger than 18, you either are a liberated minor or have gotten the legitimate assent of your parent or lawful watchman to go into these Terms, submit content, and take an interest on the Websites.
    • By presenting any User content or taking part in an Interactive Area inside or regarding the Websites, you concur that you won’t transfer, post or generally transmit any User content that (a) disregards or encroaches in any capacity upon the privileges of others, including any explanations which may criticize, bother, stalk or undermine others; (b) you know to be bogus, deluding or erroneous; (c) contains conspicuous articulations of dogmatism, prejudice, racially or ethnically hostile substance, abhor discourse, oppressiveness, foulness or irreverence; (d) contains or advocates sex entertainment or explicitly unequivocal substance, paedophilia, inbreeding, inhumanity, or that is generally disgusting or scurrilous; (e) damages any law or advocates or gives guidance on hazardous, illicit, or ruthless acts, or examines criminal operations with the expectation to perpetrate them; (f) advocates brutal conduct; (g) represents a sensible risk to individual or open wellbeing; (h) contains savage pictures of murdering or physical maltreatment that seem to have been caught exclusively, or basically, for exploitative, licentious, or needless purposes; (I) is ensured by copyright, trademark, competitive advantage, right of attention or other restrictive right without the express consent of the proprietor of such copyright, trademark, prized formula, right of exposure or other restrictive right. The weight of establishing that any User content isn’t secured by copyright, trademark, competitive advantage, right of exposure or other exclusive right rests with you. You will be exclusively at risk for any harm coming about because of any encroachment of copyrights, trademarks, exchange insider facts, privileges of attention or other restrictive rights or some other mischief coming about because of such an accommodation. Any individual controlled by ProntX, in its sole circumspection, to have damaged the licensed innovation or different privileges of others will be banished from submitting or posting any further material on the Websites; (j) doesn’t by and large relate to the assigned point or subject of any Interactive Area; (k) contains any spontaneous or unapproved publicizing or special materials as for items or administrations, “garbage mail”, “spam”, “junk letters”, “fraudulent business models”, or some other type of sales; or (l) utilizes the name or similarity of a recognizable regular individual without such individual’s assent. The weight of verifying that any user content isn’t ensured by copyright, trademark, prized formula, right of attention or other exclusive right rests with you. You will be exclusively at risk for any harm coming about because of any encroachment of copyrights, trademarks, and exchange mysteries, privileges of exposure or other restrictive rights or some other damage coming about because of such an accommodation. Any individual controlled by ProntX, in its sole tact, to have disregarded the protected innovation or different privileges of others will be banned from submitting or posting any further material on the Websites.
    • You make a deal to avoid speaking to or recommend, legitimately or in a roundabout way, the ProntX Group’s support of User content
    • You make a deal to avoid transferring, post or generally transmit any User content, programming or different materials which contain an infection or other destructive or troublesome segment.
    • You make a deal to avoid utilizing any assistance, innovation or robotized framework to falsely blow up the site hits that your User content gets. This incorporates pay-per-click administrations, web “robots” and some other present or future innovations. You likewise make a deal to avoid guiding any outsider to utilize these administrations, innovations or mechanized frameworks for your sake.
    • You make a deal to avoid utilizing any innovation, administration or robotized framework to post more User content than an individual could transfer in a given timeframe. You additionally make a deal to avoid guiding any outsider to utilize these administrations, advancements or robotized frameworks for your benefit.
    • Any direct that we, in our sole attentiveness, accept confines or represses any other person from utilizing or getting a charge out of the Websites won’t be allowed. We hold the right, in our sole attentiveness, to evacuate or alter User content put together by you.
    • We are not liable for the precision or validity of any User content, and don’t assume any liability or expect any risk for any moves you may make because of perusing User content posted on the Websites. Through your utilization of Interactive Areas, you might be presented to content that you may discover hostile, shocking, unsafe, erroneous or beguiling. There may likewise be dangers of managing underage people, individuals acting under misrepresentation, worldwide exchange issues and outside nationals. By utilizing Interactive Areas, you accept all related dangers.
    • We have the right, yet not the commitment, to screen Client Substance presented or transferred on the Sites to decide consistence with these Terms and any working standards built up by us and to fulfil any law, guideline or approved government demand. In spite of the fact that we have no commitment to screen, screen, alter or evacuate any of the Client Substance presented or transferred on the Sites, we hold the right, and have outright carefulness, to screen, alter, decline to post or expel without see any Client Substance presented or transferred on the Sites whenever and in any capacity whatsoever, and you are exclusively liable for making reinforcement duplicates of and supplanting any Client Substance presented on the Sites at your sole expense and cost. The choice by ProntX to screen as well as change Client Substance doesn’t establish, nor will it be regarded to comprise any obligation or risk in any way on our part regarding or emerging from your utilization of Intuitive Regions on the Sites.
    • By submitting User content to the Websites, you naturally award us a sovereignty free, interminable, permanent, non-selective, overall right and permit to utilize, distribute, replicate, change, adjust, alter, decipher, make subordinate works from, join into different works, disseminate, sublicense (through various levels) and generally endeavour such User content (in entire or to a limited extent) in any structure, media or innovation currently known or in the future created, without instalment to you or to any outsiders. Also, to the furthest reaches allowed under material law, you defer your ethical rights in the User content and make a deal to avoid attesting such rights against us. You speak to and warrant to us that you have the full lawful right, power and position to allow to us the permit accommodated in this, that you possess or control the total presentation and different rights to the User content you submitted for the reasons examined in this permit and that neither the User content nor the activity of the rights conceded thus will damage these Terms, or encroach upon any rights, including the privilege of protection or right of exposure, or establish a defamation or criticism against, or abuse any precedent-based law or some other right of, or prompt damage to, any individual or element. You further award to us the right, yet not the commitment, to seek after at law any individual or element that abuses your or our privileges in the User content by a rupture of these Terms.
  • User Conduct Guidelines. 

The accompanying terms apply to your direct when getting to or utilizing the Websites:

(a) you make a deal to avoid meddling with or upset the Websites or the servers or systems associated with the Websites, or defy any prerequisites, strategies, approaches or guidelines of systems associated with the Websites; (b) you make a deal to avoid replicating, copy, duplicate, sell, exchange or endeavour for any business reason, any segment of the Websites, utilization of the Websites, or access to the Websites; (c) you make a deal to avoid taking part in any movement that would comprise a criminal offense or offer ascent to a common risk; (d) you make a deal to avoid imitating any individual or substance, including, however not restricted to, the ProntX Group or any ProntX Group representative, or erroneously state or generally distort your alliance with any individual or element; and (e) you make a deal to avoid meddling with some other client’s entitlement to protection, including by reaping or gathering by and by recognizable data about clients of the Websites or posting private data about an outsider.

  • Intellectual Property Rights. 

All content, illustrations, photos, trademarks, logos, symbols, UIs, sounds, music, recordings, craftsmanship, programming and PC code (on the whole, “Content”), including however not restricted to the “look and feel”, format, plan, structure, shading plan, determination, blend and course of action of the Content present on the Websites is possessed by or authorized to us. Such Content is ensured by copyright, trademark, exchange dress and different other protected innovation and uncalled for rivalry laws.

Aside from with our express earlier composed consent or as allowed by material laws, you may not duplicate, disperse, replicate, reflect, outline, freely show, openly perform, decipher, make subsidiary works of, re-distribute or transmit the Websites or Content (in entire or to some extent) in any capacity or through any vehicle for circulation, production or any business reason.

You may show, duplicate and download Content from the Websites exclusively for your own and non-business use gave that: (a) you don’t expel any copyright or restrictive notice from the Content; (b) such Content won’t be replicated or posted on any organized PC or distributed in any medium; and (c) no adjustments are made to such Content.

  • Disclaimer of Warranty; Restriction of Liability.

(A) You explicitly concur that utilization of the sites is at your sole hazard. the PRONTX gathering, its different subsidiaries nor any of their particular workers, operators, outsider substance suppliers, outsider specialist organizations or licensors don’t warrant that utilization of the sites will be continuous or blunder free; nor do they make any guarantee with regards to the outcomes that may be gotten from utilization of the sites, nor with regards to the precision, dependability or substance of any data, administration, or product gave through the sites.

(b) The sites are given on an “as may be” premise without guarantees of any sort, either express or suggested, including, however not constrained to, guarantees of title or inferred guarantees of merchantability or qualification for a specific reason, other than those guarantees which are inferred by and unequipped for prohibition, limitation or change under the laws appropriate to these terms.

(c) To the furthest reaches allowable by material law, in no occasion will the PRONTX gathering, or its future parent or partnered organizations, be at risk to you for any close to home damage, property harm, lost benefits, cost of substitute merchandise or administrations, loss of information, loss of generosity, work stoppage, pc as well as gadget or innovation disappointment or glitch or for any type of immediate or circuitous, unique, coincidental, weighty, praiseworthy or reformatory harms dependent on any reasons for activity emerging out of utilization of the sites or any supposed disappointment of execution, blunder, oversight, interference, cancellation, deformity, or postponement in administration, activity, or transmission of the sites, or any supposed pc infection, correspondence line disappointment, burglary or pulverization of property, and additionally unapproved access to, change of, or utilization of or posting of any record, substance, or innovation, relating to or on the sites. you concur that this confinement of obligation applies whether such charges are for rupture of agreement, tortious conduct, carelessness, or fall under some other reason for activity, paying little respect to the premise whereupon risk is asserted and regardless of whether the PRONTX gathering or future parent or subsidiary organizations have been informed concerning the probability of such misfortune or harm. without constraining the all-inclusive statement of the prior, you additionally explicitly recognize that the PRONTX gathering or future parent or associated organizations are not at risk for any real or asserted abusive, hostile, or unlawful direct of different clients of the sites or some other outsiders.

On the off chance that pertinent law doesn’t permit all or any piece of the above impediment of risk to concern you, the confinements will concern you just to the degree allowed by material law.

(d) We renounce any obligation of any sort for any unapproved access to or utilization of your by and by recognizable data. By getting to the sites, you recognize and consent to our disclaimer of any such risk. On the off chance that you don’t concur, you ought not access or utilize the sites.

  • Remuneration. 

You consent to shield, repay and hold innocuous the Company, its offshoots and their individual executives, officials, workers and operators from and against all cases and costs, including lawyers’ charges, emerging out of the utilization of the Websites by you. The Company maintains whatever authority is needed to assume control over the elite guard of any case for which we are qualified for reimbursement under this area. In such occasion, you will furnish ProntX with so much participation as is sensibly mentioned by the company.

  • Termination of Terms. 

We may end or suspend these Terms whenever without notice to you. Without restricting the prior, we will reserve the option to promptly end your entrance to the Websites in case of any lead by you which we, in our sole caution, consider to be inadmissible, or in case of any break by you of these Terms.

  1. Regulated Law. 

The substance, information, video, and all other material and highlights on the Websites are introduced to give diversion, news or potentially data as well as advancing projects, films, music, games, and different items as well as administrations that are or may get accessible in the United States, its domains, assets, and protectorates.

All questions, cases and debates emerging out of or regarding your entrance to, as well as utilization of the Websites, and additionally the arrangement of substance, administrations, or potentially innovation on or through the Websites will be administered by and interpreted only as per the laws and choices of the State of California appropriate to agreements made, went into and performed totally in that, without offering impact to its contention of law’s arrangements.

Please report any violations of these Terms to the ProntX Legal Department.

  1. Copyrights.

We regard others’ licensed innovation rights, and anticipate that our clients and clients should do likewise. In the event that you accept that your work has been duplicated on the in a manner that establishes copyright encroachment, if you don’t mind pursue the methodology plot in ProntX’s Copyright Infringement Notice & Takedown Policy. We claim all authority to end access to the Websites for clients or clients who post material that encroaches the licensed innovation privileges of others.

  1. Miscellaneous.

These Terms and any working guidelines for the Websites built up by us establish the whole understanding of the gatherings as for the topic concerning this, and supplant all past composed or oral understandings between the gatherings as for such topic. The arrangements of these Terms are to serve the ProntX Group, its associates and its outsider substance suppliers and licensors and each will reserve the privilege to affirm and uphold such arrangements legitimately or all alone benefit. No waiver by either gathering of any break or default hereunder will be esteemed to be a waiver of any previous or consequent rupture or default. On the off chance that any piece of these Terms is found by a court of able purview to be invalid or unenforceable, it will be supplanted with language mirroring the first reason in a legitimate and enforceable way. The enforceable areas of these Terms will stay official upon the gatherings. The area headings utilized in this are for comfort just and will not be given any legitimate import.

  1. English Version Controls

Non-English interpretations of this Policy are accommodated comfort as it were. In case of any vagueness or struggle between interpretations, the English adaptation is legitimate and controls.

These Terms were last updated on November 1, 2018.

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